Jul 23, 2021  
Evening Division Summer 2021 
Evening Division Summer 2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EVDOL 074 - Leonard Bernstein’s “Candide”

Faye-Ellen Silverman

Leonard Bernstein’s Candide, based on Voltaire’s novel, seems especially relevant today. Candide is taught by his tutor Dr. Pangloss that he lives in “the best of all possible worlds.” But then Candide and Cunégonde are forced into the outside world and experience its horrors, disasters, and suffering. This course will look at how Bernstein mixes styles in creating a work that uses pastiche (waltz, schottische, tango, and gavotte) in a work that is part opera and part musical theater, and how this crossover of popular and classical styles is typical of Bernstein’s music. This course will end with a discussion of Bernstein’s optimistic advice to “Make Our Garden Grow.” No prior experience necessary.

Monday, June 14

Tuesday, June 15

10am–12:30pm ET