Jul 23, 2021  
Evening Division Summer 2021 
Evening Division Summer 2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EVDOL 075 - (De)constructing Mozart’s Cadenzas

David Belkovski

Mozart’s cadenzas have long held an exciting yet enigmatic position in the concerto repertoire: exciting for their concentrated bursts of improvised, ingenious playing; enigmatic since by their very improvisatory flashes, Mozart has left us with few written examples. This means that today’s performer often plays cadenzas supplied by an editor (wanting in quality) or a composer from a later generation (often brilliant, but stylistically incongruous). Taking into consideration theoretical and compositional techniques relevant to 18th-century composers, this course will analyze Mozart’s cadenzas in detail. Throughout this hands-on survey, the student will write cadenza fragments and complete cadenzas in Mozartean fashion. While the focus will be on the extant cadenzas of keyboard works, all instrumentalists will be able to apply the skills learned to their respective works of Mozart. Extensive keyboard skills are not necessary so long as the student can read and write music. Although the class will focus on cadenzas for keyboard works, the skills are useful for all instrumentalists approaching works of Mozart that involve a cadenza.

Wednesday, June 16

Thursday, June 17

10am–12:30pm ET