Oct 26, 2020  
Evening Division Fall 2020 
Evening Division Fall 2020

EVDIV 064 - Narrative Musicianship

Konstantin Soukhovetski
Narrative musicianship philosophy is based on Stanislavki’s Method acting technique of emotional recall and inner narrative creation to improve communicative skills for instrumentalists. Drawing on experiences learned in the Moscow State Satire Theater, the instructor Konstantin Soukhovetski has spent 25 years practicing narrative musicianship and developing a set of tasks to give abstract music an inner life. While not a program narrative for the music, the secret narrative enables the performer to interpret precise emotions in a concrete context that imbues music with rich inner life and sincerity. The course takes the student through the basic principles of theoretical understanding and practical application of Narrative Musicianship to the cognitive process of learning music and performing instrumental (non-vocal) music.

10 weeks


Thursdays 5–7pm

October 1–December 10