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College Catalog 2017-2018 
College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DRAMA 335-6 — Performance Projects I

4 credits
Full Year
Faculty and Guest Directors

Undergraduates and graduates in their third year work together in a variety of performance projects:

Modern Naturalism Performance Project (Fall)
Play projects continue to be an integral part of the student’s training, but emphasis in the third year shifts from the laboratory to the theater, with the addition of costume, make up, lighting, music, and some scenery. Four to five productions are mounted including one designed for two weeks of performances for intermediate and high-school student audiences, produced in association with Lincoln Center Theater Open Stages program. Other plays range from classical to contemporary and are open to an invited public.

After having worked for the first two years on plays in rehearsal studios with the emphasis on exploration and integrating skills, students in their 3rd Year of training move into the theater, begin to work with limited elements of production, and learn how process culminates in performance.

Heightened World Performance Project (Fall)
In the second project of the Third Year students work on theatrical pieces that demand of the actor’s heightened physical and vocal expression and extreme characterization. Plays are selected which will ask the actor to explore these new performance elements, stretch their instruments to their fullest capacity and expand their notion of truth on stage beyond the bounds of naturalism.

The Cabaret (Spring)
As part of their actor training, the students study singing and song performance beginning in their second year. In singing, the actor is forced to confront him/herself in a heightened and personal way. The demands of singing call on the actor to integrate all the techniques (voice, speech, movement, Alexander and acting) he/she learns in the school. This project is an opportunity to take what the actor learns in the classroom and put it on the stage.

Shakespeare Repertory (Spring)
As a culmination to their third year of training, students move from the black box studio 301 to work for the first time in the Drama Theater, traditionally performing two classical plays of Shakespeare presented in repertory.

The Shakespearean Rep immerses the student in the work of this great author; his plays call upon all aspects of their training and all their resources, technical and personal.
Award-winning set designer Christine Jones’ modern Shakespearean Globe set creates a completely flexible space, allowing Shakespeare to be presented in any period for this annual event.