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College Catalog 2017-2018 
College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DRAMA P645-6 — Performance Projects II

4 credits
Full Year
Faculty and Guest Directors

Graduates and undergraduates in their fourth year work together in a variety of performance projects:

Playwrights Festival (Fall)
The Juilliard School Drama Division, as an essential part of its training program, brings together young actors and writers in class, play labs, workshops and productions. Working together, both playwright and actor learn what their roles are in creating new work.

We believe that in addition to performing the classics in a contemporary spirit Juilliard actors should be prepared to work on new plays as a major part of his or her artistic growth. The Juilliard Playwrights Festival of workshop productions is an annual event for the graduating class, giving them a further opportunity to develop new work and advance collaborations and connections that will expand beyond their time here in school.

Stephanie P. McClelland Season (Fall)
The fourth year is a performance year in which plays are given full-scale productions. In the fall semester, three plays are produced and mounted for six performances before an invited audience of the general public and members of the theatrical profession.

Fourth-Year Repertory (Spring)
The culmination of the student’s performance training is the Spring Repertory. During this time three productions are performed in rotation so a different production is on stage each night throughout the performance period. This rigorous schedule and structure immerses the students in performance allowing them to utilize all the skills and knowledge obtained during their education in the Drama Division.