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College Catalog 2017-2018 
College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DRAMA 643-4 — Dramatic Techniques IV

8 credits
Full Year

Graduate Alexander Individuals: The Alexander Technique is a mind-body method for becoming aware of and changing habits. The goals of the Alexander Technique in the training of actors are (1) to eliminate any unnecessary physical and mental tensions and habitual patterns of misuse that interfere with the free flow of thought, imagination, physical movement, and impulse; (2) to develop enhanced postural support (poise) and easeful movement skills; and (3) to assist in the development of a conscious repeatable process that allows for energized availability in the moment and the ability to transform. (Graduates only)

Alexander Technique in the fourth year focuses on the continuing development of each student personally and artistically as they deepen their self-awareness, self-knowledge, and poise using the Alexander principles and process. Teaching is in the form of individual tutorials and group sessions of 2 -3 students. Students are encouraged to develop a continuing spirit of investigation and master techniques for achieving readiness in the moment, for clearing out, for dealing with stress and anxiety, for taking a centered presence into the world. Character transformation work continues for the fourth year performance season.

Individual Graduate Voice Instruction: Actors work in individual sessions with teachers to target challenges that might include dialect, transformation, production demands, and audition material. (Graduates only)

Movement IV: Stretching, relaxation, focus and energizing through breathing exercises. Physical improvisations are utilized, addressing the needs of the specific play being worked on, and carrying the creativity into rehearsal. (Combined studies)

Singing for Performance II: Individual lessons as required for specific productions and solo coaching leading toward audition material. (Combined studies)