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College Catalog 2017-2018 
College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DRAMA 641-2 — Dramatic Interpretation IV

10 credits
Full Year

Actor Presentations: In preparation for graduation, the students meet on a weekly basis with a faculty member to prepare scenes, monologues, and songs which will be combined to create an hour-long showcase which will be presented to industry members in both Los Angeles and New York. The goal of the showcase event is to give industry members a 4 to 5 minute introduction to each of the students through the presentation of these materials. Through this event, students are able to make connections with industry members and often land auditions for theater, film, and television as well as gaining representation from an agent or manager. The Drama Division has enjoyed a 100 percent placement rate for students with agents and managers upon graduation every year. (Combined studies)

Audition Workshops: The fourth year of study culminates in a professional studio experience where students will be immersed in performance and professional classes. These opportunities provide a bridge to the profession as students study with working professionals who provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to transition into the industry. (Combined studies)

Point of View IV: POV in the fourth year focuses on Audition Techniques in order to prepare the actors for their move into the professional world. Advice and techniques for effective selection and presentation of audition material for the stage and for the camera are given, and mock auditions with members of the profession are done throughout the year. (Combined studies)