Nov 27, 2021  
College Catalog 2017-2018 
College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DRAMA 631-2 — Dramatic Interpretation III

10 credits
Full Year

Point of View III: Physical Style and Wit: The course introduces students to some of their artistic ancestors, with special emphasis on exponents of physical theater. During the semester, students are given introductory information on Commedia Dell’Arte and its stock characters as a scaffold-format for discussing comic tradition, scenarios, and improvisation. Sessions consist of screenings followed by discussion. Texts are used as necessary. Screenings include the Marx Brothers (A Night at the Opera), Mikhail Baryshnikov (A Little Ballet, Sinatra Suites, and Push Comes to Shove), Fred Astaire (and his influence on Michael Jackson), Eleanor Powell, Savion Glover, skanky leg, a PBS American Masters segment on Buster Keaton, and a 1954 (i.e., pre-Cultural Revolution) documentary on the Peking Opera. (Combined studies)

Scene Study III: An integration of the technical, imaginative, and personal discoveries of the preceding two years through scene and exercise work, leading to meeting the demands of heightened characterization and style. (Combined studies)