Sep 26, 2022  
Juilliard Extension Division Spring 2022 
Juilliard Extension Division Spring 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Theory & Analysis

The Music Theory and Analysis program helps musicians foster a deeper understanding of the musical literature through the study of its syntax, structure, and styles. Throughout these studies, students develop and refine their musical instincts, expand their knowledge of musical repertoire, and apply this knowledge creatively through model composition projects. The Literature & Techniques of Music courses are designed for nonmusicians who want to gain a basic knowledge of music theory in order to enhance their understanding and appreciation of great works throughout music history. The Music Theory & Analysis courses are for students who are interested in composition or earning academic credit. The program begins with the Elements of Music, which begins with the basic language of music theory. It then progresses into the five-semester sequence of Music Theory and Analysis I-V. Advanced electives are also offered to expand students’ theoretical knowledge and analytical skills in specific time periods and genres.

Virtual Open House

Monday, December 6, at 6pm ET

Faculty: Patrick Kreeger


Application Information

All music theory & analysis offerings require an online application to be considered for enrollment.

Click here to apply for Jazz Theory & Analysis courses. Application deadline: Monday, January 10; 4pm ET.

Click here to apply for any other Music Theory & Analysis courseApplication deadline: Monday, January 10; 4pm ET.


Music Theory & Analysis