Dec 03, 2022  
Juilliard Extension Division Spring 2022 
Juilliard Extension Division Spring 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Juilliard Extension Policies, Procedures & Required Information

We strongly encourage you to enroll online at least one week prior to the start of your course to ensure that you receive all requisite information by the first session. If you do not register at least one week in advance, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access all elements at the first session of your course and/or have access to the Irene Diamond Building if you are signing up for an in-person course.

Canvas: Your Go-To for All Class Resources

Canvas is an easy-to-use online learning platform where faculty will post Zoom links, class announcements, links to class materials, videos, articles, and more! Canvas is used in both online and in-person courses. Please use the following instructions to log in to Canvas before your first class.

Please click here to access Canvas. Your Canvas username is the same as your WebAdvisor username (first initial of your first name, first initial of your last name, seven-digit student ID number; i.e. jd0123456). If you are a first-time Canvas user or if you have forgotten your password, please click “Forgot Password?” to create/reset your password. Additional information can be found on the Student Information and Technology Help page.


Students must register for Juilliard Extension classes online. To access the online registration portal, WebAdvisor, please visit, then click “Enroll Now.”

Returning students who have a WebAdvisor username and password should first sign in here. Specific login instructions can be found on the Student Information and Technology Help page.

If you wish to enroll in an in-person course that will also be held online, and the in-person section has reached capacity, we highly encourage you to enroll in the online version.

Make-up Classes

If a faculty member should cancel a class session due to an emergency or an illness, the Extension Division office will try to contact the students in that class by email and Canvas. When the faculty member returns to class, he or she will schedule a make-up session with the students.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Please note that the Extension Division is a nonmatriculated program. We do not offer scholarships or federal, or state funding.

Noncredit courses:

See individual course listings

Credit courses:

Approximately $582 per credit (some courses may vary)

Registration fee:

$30 per semester (nonrefundable; applied once per semester)

Practice room access fee:

$125 per semester (nonrefundable; optional; only available for piano and voice students)

Library access fee:

$40 per semester (nonrefundable; optional)

Additional fees apply for selected courses.

Extension Division classes are subject to change, cancellation, or closure based on enrollment.

For information regarding accessibility for the disabled, please email the Extension Division office at

Withdrawals and Refunds

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must send an email to No telephone requests for withdrawals will be accepted. Ceasing to attend a class or notifying the instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal. Cancellation of payment does not constitute withdrawal or reduce the financial obligations to Juilliard. A $25 fee will be charged for returned and stop-payment checks.

Withdrawal from class does not necessarily entitle a student to a refund or to a cancellation of tuition still due. Refunds are processed within 10 days of receiving written notice. Refunds are computed from the day on which written notice of withdrawal is received and are issued as follows:


100 percent tuition refunded
for withdrawals submitted prior to the first class

75 percent tuition refunded
for withdrawals submitted between the first and second class

50 percent tuition refunded
for withdrawals submitted between the second and third class

No tuition refunded
for withdrawals submitted after the third class


Juilliard reserves the right to ask, at its discretion, a student to withdraw from a class if he or she causes a disruption to a class, to an instructor, or to a Juilliard staff member. Disruptive behavior may be grounds for the school to deny enrollment in subsequent Extension Division courses and/or access to the Juilliard building.


The following discounts are applicable to Extension Division students during the summer term. Please do not assume we have your discount information on record. Discounts are not given retroactively. Discounts cannot be combined.


Senior Citizens (age 65 and older) receive a 10 percent discount on tuition for all courses except short courses (six weeks or less). Discounts do not apply to nonrefundable fees. Proof of age (such as a Medicare card, driver’s license, or passport) is required.

Juilliard Ovation Society members at the $2,500 or higher level receive a 25 percent discount on tuition for all courses except short courses (six weeks or less). Discounts do not apply to nonrefundable fees.

Juilliard Alumni (those who have studied in the College or Preparatory College divisions) receive a 50 percent discount on tuition for all courses. Discounts do not apply to nonrefundable fees. College Division alumni may receive a greater discount for certain professional development courses.


If you are a new Extension Division student, you may apply for a tuition discount by clicking here.

Additionally, many discounts are available to Extension Division students at local, national, and online businesses including restaurants, hotels, performance venues, and electronics and clothing stores. Please contact the Extension Division office for a full list of discounts.

ID Cards and Security

All students require a Juilliard identification card for entrance into the school. Only Juilliard Extention students who are taking classes in the building or have library or practice room access and have completed the Building Access Questionnaire will be allowed entry. Students should keep their permanent photo ID cards even if they are not currently enrolled. When students re-enroll, their ID cards will be reactivated automatically. Students may not use their ID cards to swipe guests into the building.

The photo ID card is a permanent card. You will never need to get a new one (unless you lose it). Even if you do not enroll for a few years, the card will reactivate once you register again. There is a $50.00 fee to replace your ID card. Please send an email to to request a new ID card.

Practice Rooms

Practice room facilities are available to students enrolled in piano, guitar, and vocal performance classes only, for a nonrefundable fee of $125 per term. Practice rooms are located on the fourth and fifth floors, and Juilliard Extension students are restricted to practice during the following hours:







Practice rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who are eligible and have elected and paid for practice room privileges must use the practice room reservation system to book a room. Please note, there is no guarantee that a room will be available at the hours listed above. Food, beverages, and smoking are not permitted in the practice rooms. Please click here for more information.

Library Usage

Students who are permitted to access the building are welcome to study and read in the Lila Acheson Wallace Library (, located on the fifth floor. You must be enrolled in a full-term course and pay the nonrefundable $40 library fee if you wish to check out books or scores and access JUILCAT Plus online. Borrowing privileges do not include CD recordings. Library access ends on the last day of the Juilliard Extension semesters. Hours are as follows:









Fines are charged at the rate of 25 cents per item per day for overdue books and scores. Outstanding library fines may prevent a student from registering or from receiving a transcript. The loss of books and scores should be reported immediately to the library in order to prevent the accumulation of overdue fines. Charges for current replacement cost, plus a $25 service fee, are imposed for lost materials. No food or drink may be brought into the library.

Credit Courses

Courses for credit are designed in content and credit to parallel undergraduate courses offered in the Juilliard College Division. Although Juilliard Extension does not offer programs of study leading to a degree or diploma, students may request transfer of earned credits to an undergraduate program at Juilliard or elsewhere. Students receive a letter grade at the end of each semester, which is available to view in WebAdvisor. Click here to request an Extension Division transcript.

NOTICE REGARDING EXTENSION DIVISION CREDITS: Acceptance of credits earned in Juilliard Extension classes is at the complete discretion of the institution to which the student seeks to apply them. If credits earned in Extension Division courses are not accepted at the institution to which the student seeks to apply them, the student may be required to repeat some or all of the coursework at the institution. Students should ensure that their Extension Division course credits will be accepted by contacting the institution for confirmation.

Placement Applications

Applications are required for specific courses. Students should apply online. Please see “Calendars & Schedules,” the department pages, or individual courses for application links.

Returning students who are preapproved by faculty and wish to continue in a class the subsequent semester must register and pay the tuition and fees in full before the scheduled application deadline. The office will contact these students with further details on completing enrollment. Spots are not held for returning students who miss the preregistration deadline; openings are given to applicants, and remaining spots are given to students on the waiting list, if applicable.