Dec 03, 2022  
Juilliard Extension Division Spring 2022 
Juilliard Extension Division Spring 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Juilliard Extension offers a wide range of courses in drama that study drama as a genre and as a creative practice. Our Scene Study: Group Acting Class is a place for those seeking ongoing development and coaching in their acting skills. These group classes provide students with a community of like-minded individuals who approach acting with passion and commitment. Scene Study students range from those who are just beginning to explore the craft of acting, to seasoned professionals who seek ongoing professional development.

Application Information

An application is required for some drama offerings to be considered for enrollment.

Click here to apply for Scene Study: Group Acting ClassApplication deadline: Tuesday, January 18; 4pm ET.

Click here to apply for Writing for Performance: A Playwriting WorkshopApplication deadline: Tuesday, January 18; 4pm ET.