Dec 03, 2022  
Juilliard Extension Division Spring 2022 
Juilliard Extension Division Spring 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Development

In today’s world, artists need more than solid performance skills to have a successful career in the arts. Performing artists must also develop a wide range of skills around finance, marketing and communication, pedagogy, and a thorough understanding of the competing imperatives and forefront issues that impact performing arts venues and institutions today. These courses will help guide students in developing various essential skills, improving their understanding of the performing arts landscape, improve their artistry, and provide essential and practical information for undertaking artistic endeavors.

Application Information

An online application is required for all Professional Development courses to be considered for enrollment.

Click here to apply for Advancing an Anti-Racist Orchestra Model. Application deadline: Friday, February 18; 4pm ET.

Click here to apply for Writing for Performance: A Playwriting WorkshopApplication deadline: Tuesday, January 18; 4pm ET.


Professional Development