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College Catalog 2021-2022 
College Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance Division



Most students in the Dance Division pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts  (B.F.A.) degree which includes 18 credits in the Liberal Arts Department  and 12 credits in Dance History and Anatomy. Students who enroll in the Diploma program instead of the B.F.A. degree program are exempted from the Liberal Arts requirement. The course of study requires four years of residency at Juilliard regardless of previous study elsewhere. All students in the B.F.A. program are advised that it is extremely difficult to repeat a Liberal Arts course in which they fail to receive a passing grade.

Dance audition requirements can be found in the Admissions area on our Web site: www.juilliard.edu/apply.

Standards of Achievement and Evaluation

Student progress is evaluated by each instructor according to goals defined and agreed to by the faculty. Classroom participation and progress are evaluated by each teacher individually as well as by the group as a whole.

Twice yearly, third- and fourth-year Dance Division students receive written evaluations from each teacher with whom they work. First- and second-year students have individual conferences with their entire faculty at the midpoint of each semester. Other students may have a faculty conference upon request. Students are expected to participate in creative performing projects during their four years and will be graded in their accomplishment throughout.

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