Nov 29, 2020  
Evening Division Fall 2020 
Evening Division Fall 2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


These classes are designed to provide a comprehensive program for vocal study. The Basics of Singing is geared to novice singers; Voice Classes, founded on the solid principles of classical training, are offered at a variety of levels; Vocal Performance Seminar is suitable for advanced singers with large repertoires; Diction courses help students develop proper enunciation of text which is essential for all singers. Together, these courses support students’ technical and artistic vocal development, based on the principle that a classical foundation is applicable to all styles of singing in today’s world.


All voice classes are are 11 weeks per semester and take place between Monday and Thursday; sections will be determined upon placement. Students may join in either fall or spring; however, spring placements are contingent on midyear vacancies. Fall semester classes begin September 28.


Application Information

Applications are required to place students in the proper course. Please click here to apply.


Application Deadline

September 8; 5pm