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  Feb 25, 2018
College Catalog 2017-2018

Conducting, M.M.

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Master of Music

The Master of Music (M.M.) degree program is an advanced course of study for musicians who hold the bachelor’s degree and who seek graduate musical training and classroom learning to prepare themselves more fully for careers as professional musicians.

Length of Program

The minimum residency to complete the program is two years. Extensions to the normal residency are only granted for valid reasons and may affect financial aid eligibility.

Credit Requirement

The minimum number of credits required to complete the degree is 54 (56 in Jazz Studies; 72 in Collaborative Piano; 62 in Historical Performance). The distribution of those credits by major appears in each program.

Performance Requirement

A graduation recital is required of all Voice and instrumental majors. In place of a recital, Composition and Conducting majors must demonstrate artistic accomplishment equivalent to that required for the recital. That equivalency will be determined by the respective departmental faculties.

Qualifying Requirements:

  1. Theory and Analysis
  2. Ear Training I, II, III, IV
  3. Piano I, II
  4. Music History
  5. Orchestration

First Year

Major Studies*

Graduate Courses*

Total Credits 1st Year: 28

Second Year

Major Studies*

Graduate Courses*

  • GRMUS H600, T600 (as advised) 4 credits

Total Credits 2nd Year: 26



All studies for Conducting majors are adapted to the individual student’s background and needs for professional development.

Graduate Courses: Total must include two from Core Seminars in Music History and two from Core Seminars in Music Theory.

The Music History Core requirement must include one of the following courses: GRMUS H603   , GRMUS H604   , GRMUS H605  (based upon placement exam results).

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