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Evening Division Fall 2017 
Evening Division Fall 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EVDIV 012 — Literature & Techniques of Music II: Classical to 20th Century

Michael White
The second year of Literature & Techniques of Music continues the curriculum of the first year, but also moves on to several new areas of study. We add to our knowledge   of intervals, chords, figured bass, and harmony in general, and also continue the analysis of famous works, such as Handel arias, Chopin mazurkas, Haydn string quartets, and eventually a symphonic movement of Beethoven. In the area of music history, we begin with the Classical period, focusing on the genius of Mozart, and proceed through the Romantic up to the earlier years of the 20th century. Finally, we approach the art of orchestration, which entails first, the study of what is possible with each instrument of the orchestra. Secondly, we deal with how a composer puts these instruments together to create the specific sound he envisions. This is a yearlong course; students may enter in either semester. Prerequisite: Literature & Techniques of Music I, or the ability to read music and familiarity with basic theory concepts. An interview is required to place students into the proper level.

13 weeks per semester
Monday 5:30 – 7:30 pm
September 18 – December 11

$700 per semester 


Students may register online after they have interviewed and been placed in the class.

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