Sep 22, 2018  
Evening Division Fall 2017 
Evening Division Fall 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EVDIV 052 — Introduction to Ear Training

Emi Ferguson
A basic course in preliminary ear training for students who have had prior musical training but require an accelerated review of the elements of music before going on to Ear Training I. This course reviews the skills covered in Sight-Reading I and II and introduces students to the topics of Ear Training I. Topics include interval recognition, interval singing, rhythmic exercises, and melodic dictations. Students also continue their study of sight-singing, clefs, key signatures, and the circle of fifths. Prerequisite: Elements of Musicianship or equivalent. Placement interview required.

13 weeks per semester
Monday 6 – 8 pm
September 18 – December 11

$725 per semester 

Students may register online after they have auditioned and been accepted.


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