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Evening Division Fall 2017 
Evening Division Fall 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EVCRT 313/314 — Composition

Conrad Cummings
In this class, students explore the principles and techniques of composition. Students complete four to six compositions each semester, each one addressing a particular compositional problem or challenge; instrumentation, which varies from solo to ensembles of six or more instruments, is specified. All compositions receive readings by instrumentalists and/or vocalists, which students may record using their own equipment. The course offers a unique opportunity to work as part of a community of fellow composers, confronting the same challenges and responding to them in individual ways. Readings provide immediate and decisive feedback about the practicalities of writing for instruments and voices and confirmation of the effectiveness of students’ compositional means and procedures. Extensive outside preparation is expected. Students can enter in either semester. Placement interview required. 

13 weeks and 2 credits per semester

Section 1: Monday 6 – 8 pm
September 18 – December 11

Section 2: Thursday 6 – 8 pm
September 14 – December 14

$1,050 plus $125 lab fee per semester 

Students may register online after they have interviewed and been accepted.


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